Exercise: Scaling in Action

Lots of people use this exercise, Scaling in Action, as an icebreaker or activity during workshops. It’s also great in meetings. I even learned it as an adult education tool (you may know it as “Voting With Your Feet”).Image

The purpose is to have people evaluate where “scale” themselves for each question or statement you make, standing in relation to where they fall on the scale you outline. Just point out the parameters (e.g., “the left side of the room represents a rating of “1” and the right side of the room a “10”, stand in relation to that 1 to 10 rating on how you respond to the statement X”). You can use this exercise for virtually any topic – including of course strengths! Here’s an example:

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely low and 10 being extremely high, to what extent do you feel:

  Current Rating Desired Rating
You know your top strengths
You believe your colleagues know your top strengths
You and your peers are able to contribute their top strengths in the organization
When your organization is in a crisis, leaders are able to leverage their top strengths

You can also have people record their responses on a piece of paper (like how this is outlined above), either reassuring people they can keep their ratings to themselves or asking them to share it as a group. As I say, what’s so cool about this exercise is how flexible it is!

  • How have you used scaling? What worked? What would you do differently?
  • How might you use it in a way you have never tried before?

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